The Central Tourist Route Awash National Park


Set below the spectacular crater of Fantelle Volcano,Awash National Park  protects a semiarid tract of Rift Valley floor inhabited by dry-country antelope such as the handsome Beisa oryx and magnificent spiral-horned greater kudu, along with almost 500 bird species.

The first national park established and gazetted in 1966 in Ethiopia, Awash National Park is home to a diverse range of plains wildlife and offers tremendous bird watching opportunities, with over 400 species recorded here. It is endowed with wild life like Beisa Oryx, Waterbuck, Sommering Gazelle, Greater and Lesser Kudu, Lion and three species of bustards: Kori, Hartlaub’s and Buff-crested, Secretary Bird, African Goshawks, White bellied go away bird, Yellow throated Serine, African Fish eagle, and different species of starlings, weavers can be visited here.,The park is 215 km far away from the capital Addis Ababa (Finfinne) with an area of 591 km2.

Tourist Activities

  • Birds watching – Awash national park is known by tourists arriving only to watch birds as the park is endowed with famous birds that tourists love.
  • Wildlife game – this activity involves watching while wild animals attack their pray for meal. However it is rare to watch such happenings in our country, Awash national park offers tourists to enjoy such activities.
  • Wildlife watching – the park is endowed with many wildlife varieties including big mammals and this is a source of joy for some of the tourists visiting the park.
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