The Central Tourist Route Suba-Menegesha Forest Park


It is the oldest forest Park in Africa and Ethiopia some 40 km South-West of Addis Ababa on the South-Western Slope of mountain Wechecha, The area lays within geographic location of 9089´ to 9000´ North Latitude and 380035´ East Longitude.

The natural forest covers an area of 2,378.71 ha which is 67.96 % of the total forest area, with varies species, while the plantation covered by this inventory has a total area of 1,013.45 ha. The isolated patches of forest at the site called Wato Dalecha South of the main forest is not included in the survey. This plantation has an accumulated volume of 137,228.44 m3 for all species. There different plantation other than natural enrichment which includes, Soft wood plantation, Eucalyptus plantation and Indigenous plantation.

You can experience hiking, bird watching, camping, and picnicking in this forest environment. The scenic and aesthetic quality for recreation the forest the rolling landscape, the highest mountain peak, the old sawmill and rail way, the modern tree nursery, the old growth forests, birds and remnant mammals taking a refuge in this forest .

Acacia Melanoxylon, Juniperus procera, Myrsine Africana, Olea europea and Scolopia thiefolia are among the various woody species in the forest that are the source of greater satisfaction in natural exploration.


Past Gafarsa reservoir one can reach a small town of Managasha from where the dusty road forks to the left leading to Managasha-Suba Forest that located at about 45kilometers from Finfinnee in the Wachacha Mountain range. The forest is also accessible by vehicle from Sabata town. The total area of natural forest alone is about 2500 hectares whose composition represents the natural high forests that once existed in highlands of Ethiopia. The forest vegetation varies from high forests to afro alpine vegetation within altitude range of about 2300m to above 3000m. The oldest trees of Juniperus Procera which estimated to be over 200 years old and six other tree species are among high forests while Erica arborea and Helichrysum spp represent vegetation of above 3000m (high altitude). Suba as a tourist site boasts not only indigenous tree species but also a number of birds and mammal species including Menelik Bushbuck (endemic sub species) which took refuge in the forest enclave.                                                                                                                                                     The majestic beauty of Mogli peak and surrounding scenery would all together made the Suba Forest area an ideal place for nature lovers, such as hikers, trekkers and sight seers, forest explorers, scenery admirers, etc.

Tourist activities

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Biking
  • Motor biking
  • Wildlife and bird watching
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