The Central Tourist Route The Oromo Cultural Center

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The Oromo Cultural Center
Oromia is the biggest region where Oromo nation settle and is the highly populated region in Ethiopia. From the very beginning, the Oromo people have its own language, history, culture and system of administration. The Gada system is the way that Oromo people administer him in which power democratically& transparently transferred by 8 years from one to another group based on age.

So that we can imagine without doubt as it is the origin of modern system of administration called Democracy. Holding this system of administration Oromo people live peacefully in its area for long years using its own language, Culture, religion and etc. Soon, but, he face what was new for his nation and unforgettable fates, fall on him to breach his natural law and brutally damage his culture and language. This is in the last 19th century Minilik invade Oromia in the monstrous way that to distract what Oromo owned morally and materially.

The invader decorticate the Oromo wealthy, economy for the favor of his successor, but for the big nation, the Oromo in the Horn of Africa, was suffering and embarrassment for the well-armed Minilik’s invading troops burned down his homes, mutilated mother’s breasts and of Oromo women and did also brutality destroy genitals of Oromo men in order to incapacitate Oromo reproducing and self-defense.


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