The South Western Route Yayu and the south west Oromia – the green lungs of Ethiopia

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In a land of stunning diversity, the forests of the South west district highlight all that is beautifully pristine in this fantastic region. The canopies of Cloud forests filled with an array of colourful birds and agile monkeys protect the golden crop of the country on the floor below. Not only known for being the founding place of Arabica coffee, these dense forests are filled with flora and fauna yet to be discovered and explored.

Beautiful rivers cascade through wooded hillsides only to drop in stunning vertical falls up to fifty or sixty metres before thundering into the rocks below creating rainbow filled clouds of mist and spray hurled back into the clean forest air.


A journey into this verdant land allows travellers to experience the real heart of the country. The coffee culture reigns supreme and expect to see, experience and taste the pride of the world emanating from here. With a great road network traversing the forests and valleys, travel to the waterfalls that have so far been talk of legends. Sor, Saqa and Daangaa Waaji waterfalls are simply breathtaking and as much time taken to gaze at their mesmeric cascades is time taken to inspire the soul.

For those seeking the historical inspiration, there is more than enough to explore with the ancient city of Jim ma highlighting some of the best 19th century architecture the country has to offer.

Abba Jifar Palace, Aba Boqa Mosque and the royal cemetery provide glorious insights into life of the not-so distant past. A visit to the Jimma museum which houses many historic riches and has a unique collection of artefacts will bring untold knowledge and understanding.

The South West region of the Oromia state is an untouched hidden gem of a destination ready to be explored and appreciated by curious travellers. This is an exploration of a stunning region with so much to offer to all travellers, that it is sure to inspire many great journeys here.

Tourist activity

  • Rural activities- yayo bio sphere is the largest forest bio sphere in the country with five larges districts. So tourists visiting this area can enjoy rural village activities like honey harvesting, coffee collection and others.
  • Canopy walk- this area has high potential for canopy walking activities if infrastructure is supplied.
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