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Known by its bird species, Abijatta-Shalla Lakes National Park was primarily created for its spectacular numbers of aquatic birds, especially Great white Pelican and Lesser Flamingo, the bird breeding islands in Lake Shalla, and its scenery. It is a famous and significant ornithological site in the country. It is endowed with 76 mammal and 436 bird species. Abijatta-Shalla Lakes National Park is found 207 km South of Addis (Finfinne), situated in the main Rift within an altitude range of 1540-2075m asl, the highest peak being Mount Fike, which is situated between the two lakes.

Among bird species, Yellow-fronted Parrot is endemic to the park while Grant’s gazelle, Colobus monkey, grivet monkey, Warthog, Greater kudu, Klipspringer, Oribi and Jackals among  the mammals found in the park.

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Day 1

Traveling through the Rift Valley

Leave Addis early onto Rift Valley Lakes, a popular destination for weekend retreat, short walk, boat trips and winery visit and many more activities. Our first stop will be Lake Ziway (Haro Danbal) , famous for its aquatic birds, Hippos , scenic beauty and old-age monastery on Tulu Gudo also known as Debre Tsion Island. After lunch continue onto Abijata-Shalla Lakes National Park and visit the head quarter area for Ostriches, Gazelles, Warthogs and many more woodland birds from a closer range. Then, proceed onto Lake Shalla, the deepest Lake in Ethiopia blessed with numerous hot springs. Leaving Abijata-Shalla Lakes NP continue driving through Shashemene onto Bishan Guracha arriving in good time for stunning sunset. Two camping overnights with campfire.

Day 2

Watch Bishan Guracha

Leave Bishanguracha after breakfast for Wondo Genet located 14km east of Shashemene. Upon arrival you will meet your guide who will take you for forest walk. The protected forest is home to Colobus and vervet monkeys and Olive baboons as well as many rare and localized forest birds. In addition to the big trees the area is adorned with beautiful flowers. After the short trek proceed onto the naturally heated swimming pools and thermal springs to relax. After lunch, retrace back to Bishan Guracha and enjoy boat trip with sunset!

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Tourist activities

  • Birds watching - Abijata shalla national park lakes like shalla, abijata and chitu are endowed with birds like flamingo and others. So it an ideal place for tourists who like to enjoy bird watching
  • Wild animals watching
  • Camping - Camping is a famous outdoor activity that involves an overnight stay in a tent or recreational temporary place. Over the lakes of shalla and abijata there are places confortable for this activity
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Abijata – Shalla National Park

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