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Debre Libanos Monastery is one of the beautiful and historical monasteries in Oromia, lying northwest of Addis Ababa in the North Shewa Zone of the Oromia Region. It was founded in 1284 by Saint Tekle Haymanot as Debre Atsbo and was renamed as Debre Libanos in the 15th century. He meditated in a cave above the current monastery for 29 years.  The monastery complex sits on a terrace between a cliff and the gorge of one of the tributaries of the Abbay  River (the Blue Nile) and beautiful Jama Valley, it is the best place for cultural tourism and pilgrimage tourism.

Monastery of Debre Libanos: The monastery of Debre Libanos is found at 107 kilometers north of Finfinnee on the way to Gojam. Debre Libanos is one of the Ethiopia’s most reputed Orthodox monastic enclaves. It is founded by Abune Teklehaimanot as early as 1260. The enclave of monastery consists of villages of nuns and monks, the original monastery (cave) and the modern church with beautiful architecture. Interior paintings of the church and historical antiquities in the modern and well organized museum of the church add to attraction of the monastery.

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Day 1

Breakfast at Debre Libanos

Leave Addis Ababa after breakfast onto Debre Libanos via the Sululta plains, land of the most gracious and hospitable people. The drive with photo stops and spontaneous encounters along the country side will take about two and half hours. Upon arrival we will start our activities walking along the Jemma River Gorge and ‘Portuguese Bridge’ enjoying the breath-taking scenery, looking for the endemic Gelada Monkey and raptors including Lammergeyer. During the rainy season the Jemma River crates stunning water falls. After lunch we embark on a three hour trekking for a round trip along the escarpment down to the valley returning in good time for unforgettable sunset experience. o/n Ethio-German park hotel with a campfire

Day 2

A visit to the monastery

After breakfast visit the historic monastery of Debre Libanos, the museum in the premises of the monastery with its priceless ecclesiastical collections and the nearby forest which harbors birds including white-cheeked Turaco, White-backed black Tit, Abyssinian Woodpecker, banded barbet etc. After a great morning drive back to Addis Ababa stopping at Sululta for lunch.


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Debre Libanos Monastery

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