list of tour operators

June 21, 2023by visitoromia0
DestinationNumber of Tour Operatorpercent according to the country
Bale3412.01413428Suntrek Ethiopia Tours,S & M Agro Industris P.L.C,Roha Tours,Tag Tour And Travel Agent p.l.c,Chapter Tour Operation
Awash3010.600706710000001Suntrek Ethiopia Tours,S & M Agro Industris P.L.C,Roha Tours,Rock Valley Safaries.
Wenchi134.5936395760000002Visit Ethiopia Travel,Sky Limit International Bussiness plc,S & M Agro Industris P.L.C,Safari Ethiopia Tours,Chapter Tour Operation
sof umer82.8268551240000002S & M Agro Industris P.L.C
Abijata62.1201413429999998Visit Ethiopia Travel,Suntrek Ethiopia Tours,Rock Valley Safaries.
Malka Kunture62.1201413429999998S & M Agro Industris P.L.C
Yabelo72.4734982329999999Roha Tours
Babile31.0600706710000001MAGICLAND TOURS, Network P.l.c
Borana10.35335688999999998ABERUS ETHIOPIA TOURS
Ziway51.766784452Limit International Bussiness plc,Rock Valley Safaries.
Harar20.70671378100000004Yama Ethiopia Tours p.l.c ,Alligan Travel P.l.c
Shala62.1201413429999998Suntrek Ethiopia Tours
Ambo20.70671378100000004Safari Ethiopia Tours
Jimma10.35335688999999998Yama Ethiopia Tours p.l.c
Langano51.766784452Rocky Valley Safaries,Rock Valley Safaries.
Bishoftu41.4134275620000001Limit International Bussiness plc,Safari Ethiopia Tours,Chapter Tour Operation
Gadaa10.35335688999999998Chapter Tour Operation
Rift Valley Lake93.1802120139999999BIRANA TOURS P.L.C,KARIBU ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C
Sodare20.70671378100000004Visit Ethiopia Travel
Jemma Valley41.4134275620000001Roha Tours,Safari Ethiopia Tours
Adadi Mariam51.766784452Roha Tours
Ras Tefarians31.0600706710000001Roha Tours
Cher Cher Mountains 10.35335688999999998Roha Tours
Negele10.35335688999999998Roha Tours
Menagesha forest park 31.0600706710000001Visit Ethiopia TravelS & M Agro Industris P.L.C,FREELANDTOUR AND TRAVEL
Mogole Mountain 10.35335688999999998S & M Agro Industries P.L.C
Adeba Dodola Ecotourism10.35335688999999998S & M Agro Industris P.L.C
Debra Lebanose51.766784452Safari Ethiopia Tours
Baro River Area10.35335688999999998
Dire Shek Hussein10.35335688999999998HIGH AND FAR ETHIOPIA TOUR AND TRAVEL
Goba10.35335688999999998JULIAN TOUR & TRAVEL AGENT
Harena Forest20.70671378100000004KARIBU ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C
Kibish10.35335688999999998Yama Ethiopia Tours p.l.c
Limmu Keffa10.35335688999999998Yama Ethiopia Tours p.l.c
Guder10.35335688999999998Visit Ethiopia Travel
Mount Tullu Dimtu10.35335688999999998Tag Tour And Travel Agent p.l.c
Ilu Aba Bor10.35335688999999998Sky Limit International Bussiness plc
Bebeka10.35335688999999998yama Ethiopia Tours p.l.c
Mizan Teferi10.35335688999999998yama Ethiopia Tours p.l.c

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