List of Hotels and Resorts

June 22, 2023by visitoromia0
Name of the HotelTypeStar RateLocation
Spa Kuriftu ResortResort5 starE.shewa
PramidResort4 starE.shewa
EastgetHotel4 starE.shewa
Spa AdulalaResort4 starE.shewa
Bin InternationalHotel3 starE.shewa
LisekResort3 starE.shewa
Yaya AfricaResort3 starE.shewa
RosemaryHotel2 starE.shewa
DreamlandHotel2 starE.shewa
LisekHotel1 starE.shewa
PramidHotel1 starE.shewa
BabogayaResort1 starE.shewa
Tommy InternationalHotel1 starE.shewa
Paradayiz PalikanHotel2 starE.shewa
Gold MarkHotel2 starE.shewa
ExecutiveHotel3 starE.shewa
AyuHotel3 starE.shewa
Dire InternationalHotel3 starE.shewa
La ResidenceHotel3 starE.shewa
Kuriftu/MayaResort3 starE.shewa
Kereyu HillResort3 starE.shewa
RiftvalleyHotel3 starE.shewa
TokumaHotel2 starE.shewa
DalolHotel2 starE.shewa
Adama GermanHotel2 starE.shewa
EagleHotel1 starE.shewa
Adama RasHotel1 starE.shewa
Bekela MolaHotel1 starE.shewa
ComfortHotel1 starE.shewa
Pan AfricHotel1 starE.shewa
Danbal ViewHotel3 starE.shewa
YaabaHotel2 starE.shewa
Health International Hotel2 starE.shewa
Africa Vacation ClubResort4 starE.shewa
Honey LandHotel3 starJimma
LinaHotel2 starJimma
Rift Valley TouristHotel2 starW. Arsi
Tantos TinaHotelW. Arsi

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