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August 14, 2023 10:24 am

???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????-???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????: ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????? Key figures from the Oromia Tourism Commission led by Commissioner Lelise Dhugaa , alongside representatives from the Ethiopian Embassy in Kenya, joined forces with the Kenya Tourism Minister, led by Tourism Secretary at the State Department for Tourism, Dr. Patrick Bucha, at the State Department’s head office to hold a series of pivotal meetings in Nairobi. The primary focus of these deliberations was to strengthen the bonds between the two nations in the realm of tourism. Central to the discussions was the aim to enhance collaboration for boosting cross-border tourism, ensuring seamless travel experiences for visitors. Furthermore, the talks encompassed the exchange of knowledge, best practices, & innovative concepts to elevate the allure of both regions for international travelers. With the conclusion of these meetings, a renewed dedication to collaborative endeavors emerged, setting the stage for an exciting phase of mutual tourism ventures and cultural interactions between Ethiopia & Kenya. Ministry of Tourism And Wildlife – Kenya Ethiopia Land of Origins #landofdiversebeauty #kenya #Ethiopia #magicalkenya #regionalintegration